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 John & Nathalie's Reliv Story

We are John and Nathalie Curtin, Independent Reliv distributors living in Southern CA and our passion is all about helping others. We have four wonderful children and five beautiful grandchildren that we enjoy spoiling.  

A few things that attracted us to this company is that they also have a passion for helping others with a foundation that currently feeds over 42,000 impoverished people daily, it’s a company with integrity which is hard to find these days, a quality commitment that is rock-solid, and science to back up the life changing results people are getting with these nutritional products. Along with a one year 90% money-back guarantee in the business we felt we had nothing to lose.  

With both of us being faithful to the products Nathalie has received great results with her sinuses and seasonal allergies, and her digestive issues.  

I have seen weight loss results and improvement with my cholesterol. I have always been healthy, eating right and working out, but in December 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Squamous Cell Tongue Cancer. As you might imagine I was shocked at the diagnosis as I never smoked nor chewed tobacco and the doctors couldn’t give me a good answer as to what the cause might be.  

I did a massive amount of research and decided to undergo treatments which included chemotherapy and radiation. In addition, I changed my diet and upped my intake of the Reliv nutritional shakes to help further strengthen my immune system because chemotherapy is not selective and completely destroys your immune system. During the treatments I continued to take my nutritional supplements. Because the radiation would make it very difficult to eat solid foods I had a feeding tube installed in March 2010. The radiation also destroys your taste buds and saliva glands which I was told I would have difficulty swallowing due to dry mouth for years and food would never taste the same.

The treatments began in January 2010 and ended in late May 2010. During the treatments I did really well. I had more energy than others going through the treatment. I was able to stay strong and after my treatments, I was able to recover quickly.  In August 2010 I was able to have my feeding tube removed and get back to the gym. I only have a minimal amount of dryness in my throat and my taste buds are back to about 90% of what they use to be. It has been over five years since my treatments have ended and I feel great! I have maintained good health…praise God and this great Reliv nutrition. My doctors and nurses are amazed at my progress.