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The healthy aging factor for any age.

Reliv, and the world, are looking at aging differently today. The focus has shifted toward healthy aging, which means taking control of how you age so that for every trip around the sun you are the best, most vibrant, and most energetic version of yourself.

LunaRich®, a Reliv exclusive patent-pending formula, was developed by harnessing the new scientific knowledge we have around epigenetics and the understanding of which lifestyle factors speed up cellular aging so we can proactively interrupt the aging process. LunaRich® contains liquid lunasin, the first dietary ingredient identified with a known epigenetic mechanism to act on the pathways involved in aging. Each dropper of LunaRich contains the bioavailable lunasin content of more than 6 LunaRich X capsules in a delicious vanilla flavor to:

  • Promote youthful gene expression*
  • Defend against cellular aging*
  • Support cellular energy and help maintain healthy DNA*
  • Protect cells from oxidative damage*
  • Reduce inflammation related to exercise and activity*
  • Provide cardio-protective benefits*
  • Support youthful skin appearance (reduces puffiness)*   

Reliv’s innovative healthy aging solutions combine science-based nutrition with the power of nature to optimize the aging process. Start aging more healthily at any age with LunaRich®!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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